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BIO105: Life Science for Elementary Education Lab
Department of Biology, Marine Biology, & Environmental Science, Roger Williams University

This course is designed as a foundation in the biological sciences for future elementary school teachers. The goal of this course is for future teachers to gain a better understanding of major biological principles and processes so that they will be more comfortable with and proficient in teaching life science in the elementary classroom. As such, this course focuses on science content and not science pedagogy, though the teaching of biology in the classroom will be discussed. Topics will include basic cell biology, the flow of energy and material through living systems, genetics and heredity, basic human development, mechanisms of evolution, the diversity of life, and the principles of ecology. The laboratory reinforces the concepts of the class and provides students with a hands-on, inquiry-based introduction to the process of science.

Note that this website contains supplementary content for the course, and requires a password. Please contact me if you are interested in accessing this content and do not have the password. 

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